Road bikes

Because not every cyclist has the same needs, Elves has thought about them all. 

5 Year Global Warranty

Vanyar UCI

1000 Carbon Fiber with different layup schedules. Made by One Piece Molding (OPM) Technology : The entire Vanyar frame include the front triangle and rear triangle is monocoque molded as a single piece disc and rim brake.
Super-light carbon technology with internal routing. Comes with a standard 27.2mm carbon seat post, and ceramic 24mm bearings for Shimano or Sram GXP axels and extra hanger Suitable for aero Orome handlebars (with Orome spacers) as well as every type of standard 31.8mm round and aero handlebar.

Eglath Pro UCI

Proprietary blend of Toray T800, And T1000 carbon fiber in the head tube and bottom bracket to Increase overall stiffness and compliance. Our first full internal routed carbon frame for disc brakes only.
No compromises, a blended all rounded and versatile aero frame to climb fast and descent faster. Simplicity and beauty with an aero carbon proprietary seat post. Prepared to be build with our Orome aero handlebar with Orome full internal spacers. Comes with ceramic 24mm bearing for Shimano and Sram GXP axels and extra hanger.

Falath Evo UCI

Our now even lighter evolution of our classic full aero Falath frame is also a full internal routed carbon frame. It is our fastest frame, and although it is very light, full speed is in its veins. 28mm tires are welcomed. Comes with a proprietary aero seat post and ceramic bearings and extra hanger. It it shipped with the all new aero Evo handlebar and spacers. Pre-orders are now accepted.

Faltah Pro, Avari &Quendi

Con los mismos estándares de calidad que sus hermanos, existen otras opciones igualmente interesantes. El Falath Pro, muy parecido al EVO pero con un frente delantero un poco menos agresivo, existe también en versión zapata, donde todos los cables menos el cable del freno delantero pueden ir completamente escondidos.
El Quendi y el Avari son opciones ideales en relación calidad precio, y los preferidos por geometría y tallare entre mujeres y niños.El